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Companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 33% more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians.

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Only 11% of respondents indicated that their organisations have an inclusive culture.

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Only 6% of respondents reported that they are relying on immigrant workers to fill their needs for skilled employees.

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Diversity HR staffing

Satisfy your manpower needs

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Working Relationships of Multi Ethnic Teams

Strengthen your work climate

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Multi Ethnic Customer Service

Adapt your products and services to meet your client needs

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Certification of Excellence in Diversity Management

Enhance your brand image

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40% of companies are beginning to understand the value of a diverse workforce and have taken initial steps to engage employees with diverse Deloitte profiles.

Here are some comments made by our clients (managers and professionals) following the use of our corporate performance building services focused on inclusive leadership:

  • "New practical tools that are easy to implement and help to intervene in intercultural situations."
  • "Dynamic and engaging training, it makes you want to take another step towards diversity."
  • "No guilt for native Quebecers, unlike other training received."
  • "Adapted to the reality of professionals, fully applies to our reality."
  • "This training should be offered upon hiring, we would avoid a lot of problems."

The mission of YACOUSAM inc. is to provide practical solutions for businesses and organizations that want to take advantage of cultural diversity and inclusion to improve their performance.

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Bastien Lamontagne, M.A.

Anthropology partner

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Jacques Côté, President Adssys

Technology Partner

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